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How to Use Pineapple Garden Torches at Your Garden Party

When the weather changes and starts to heat up, there is nothing better than heading outside to enjoy the sun. If you’re like us, you enjoy the little things about summer, like getting your shorts and t-shirts out of storage, buying a new bottle of sunscreen and dusting off the patio furniture. Getting outside after a long winter of being cooped up indoors can mean spending some time on yard work, but it’s all worth it; a clean yard means that you are ready to light up the grill, invite over friends and family and sit back for a relaxing afternoon in your back yard. When the sun sets, you can keep the party going under the stars since summer nights are just as beautiful as summer days. Need something to light up the night? Finding the right lawn and garden torches is essential to your comfort and contentment when the sun sets. When you’re looking for something exotic and playful, pineapple garden torches might hit the mark.

There are many ways to use pineapple garden torches throughout your festivities to add sparkle and shine. When you are hosting a BBQ or other delicious outdoor picnic, the fun often centers around your garden furniture. Whether you have friends and family set up at bistro tables or at long family-style benches, having the right lighting can really help the mood and atmosphere of a great party. When you’re deciding on the best style of table lighting, the kind of light that you decide on is going to help influence the feel of the event. Just like tall, elegant candle holders would give one impression, adorable pineapple torches give another. Small torches, set on the table, offer warm and cozy lighting that’s not too harsh and won’t impede on your festivities, while also adding a fun flare.

When your party stretches out across your lawn and garden, small lights aren’t practical. Tall pineapple torches are also an option that you can use throughout your outdoor spaces. You can find pineapple torches made in bronze, glass and other materials to best suit your event, or you can invest in torches that you can use throughout the summer season. Whether you are hosting a big gathering or just relaxing in your yard with close family, the right lighting should be practical and beautiful.