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Hammered Copper Tiki Torches Are Perfect Party Lighting

There is no better time to host fabulous parties than during the summer time. Why? When you invite friends over in the summer, you aren’t cooped up inside your home; you can spread out across your lawn and garden and enjoy the wonders of nature while you spend time with friends and family. A great yard gives you the space to spread out and play lawn games, to relax on outdoor furniture and even to enjoy a swimming pool or hot tub. Many of us enjoy barbecuing when the weather is good, bringing the fresh taste of summer food right to our own back yards to share with the people we love. When parties run late into the night, we like to linger out under the stars and enjoy the warm night weather, but the lack of lighting can make it hard to have a good time. Shopping ahead of time for the perfect mood lighting can really help, especially if you find a great summer deal on hammered copper tiki torches or any other style that suits your lawn and your style.

Though it may seem like electric lights are simpler and easier to use than tiki torches, flame lighting has its own special appeal. When the sun goes down on your back-yard party, tiki torches keep the festivities going with mood lighting that isn’t too harsh or bright. You and your guests are going to fall in love with the flickering light of torches placed throughout your yard and strategically around the patio and garden. By paying attention to where you put them, you can ensure that your torches are both practical and beautiful.

So what kinds of features should you look for in a good tiki torch? First, it should be built to withstand the weather outside. Weather-resistant coating is essential to keeping your tiki torch working well and looking great, so be sure to invest in a torch that is built to last. Next, ensure that it’s made from materials that are durable and attractive so that you can feel great about how long it will last; steel is a great material for the pole of your tiki torch, while hearty and beautiful metal like copper is great for the top. Since you’ll need to refill your tiki torch when the fuel runs out, investing in a top that doesn’t make a mess during the refill process is a must. The right tiki torch is waiting for you!