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  • Patio Furniture

    Choosing New Wicker Garden Furniture

    Fall is here and the summer time has gone until next year. The seasons have been tough on your garden furniture and its time to consider some replacements. You’re not sure that the stuff will make it until the next year so you really want to find some new furniture to compliment that fire pot you just bought. Thank you for stopping by and thank you for reading. We will be looking at several pieces of wicker garden furniture and how it might fit into your outdoor scheme. Depending on your outside design, a black Coconino wicker chair may work for you. It would look great next to a pool…

  • Patio Furniture

    Different Styles Of Outdoor Patio Furniture

    Just because summer is long gone and fall has arrived doesn’t mean that its time to stay indoors. With the right furniture and a couple well placed items like heaters or fire pits, you can still go outside and relax for most of the year. This is a great time of the year to try out new furniture and see what works for your patio or garden/outdoor area. A lot of wicker and aluminum furniture is cheap enough that you can have different seasonal choices and if you have the room, you can store away your furniture until the right season. If you want to shop for spring and summer,…

  • Firepots

    Finding Your Decorative Fire Pot

    Thank you for coming by and thank you for reading. With the fall upon us and the chill settling in, our fireplaces are starting to stir to life. The spices are coming out of the cupboard and the holidays are upon us. Just because the cold has come doesn’t mean that you can’t enjoy the patio and the outdoors. With fire pits and fire pots, you can keep warm all year long. Fire pots are a fun way to liven up the back yard and bring a gorgeous fiery outdoor accent to your garden or yard. They come in many sizes and various shapes and materials that can complement nearly…