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  • Firepots

    Tabletop Patio Heater: An Ideal Addition to Outdoors in Winter

    We all like the toasty outdoors of restaurant and cafes in nippy winter evenings. So, how about recreating the same environment in your own backyard? Yes, you can do it and that too without straining your expenses. Any tabletop patio heat of good quality can ensure you can make such an environment within the parameters of your own home. While picking a patio heater, make sure it has the tabletop configuration since you are not running a commercial space with a lot of foot traffic where you will need a traditional full-size unit. A small and compact heater that can easily be set on the table will be enough to…

  • Firepots

    How to Pick the Right Fire Pot for Your Outdoor Decoration?

    Fire pot can be a great addition to any outdoor. If picked with a lot of thinking, you can actually get a centerpiece of your deck/patio/garden in the form of a fire pot. If you are buying a fire pot for the first time then there are so many things you need to consider to make the right purchase. Let’s have a quick rundown of all these features. First of all, your shopping must be centered on the fact that you are buying a fire pot for its aesthetic value. There are very few homeowners who ask for fire pots with functional uses as well. In short, a fire pot…

  • Garden and Walkway Torches

    A Short Guide on Devising Your Outdoor Lighting

    Whether you are nearing the construction of your new home or helming an extensive renovation, things won’t be truly complete without outdoor lighting. The way you light your outdoor has a lot to do with the curb appeal of your house and its first impression on the visitors. If you have to set up outdoor lighting from scratch for the first time, read on because we are going to share some important tips in this regard. Before doing anything else, categorize the lighting fixture you need in three types: task, ambient, and accent lights. Ambient lighting is going to illuminate the overall outdoors and you can use post, wall and…

  • Garden and Walkway Torches

    Garden Torches: An Unconventional Yet Beautiful Way to Illuminate Your Outdoors

    What do you look for in a lighting fixture? That it is reasonably-priced, don’t consume too much energy, properly illuminate the intended space and also fall easy on the eyes. And today, there are multitudes and multitudes of such lighting fixtures that tick all those boxes. Sometimes, it feels as if all those options are one and the same. If you are trying something different with your lighting fixtures and can’t think of anything besides LED options, then you have landed at the right place because we are going to discuss something that is truly out-of-the-box: the non-electric lighting fixtures. Before you go all skeptical, we want to clarify here…

  • Firepots

    Why an Outdoor Fire Pit Should Be Part of Your Next Renovation Plan?

    If you are planning a home renovation in the near future and picking accessories to makes them part of the plan, then you should hear our idea out: set up an outdoor fire pit. There are many functional and aesthetical reasons to have an outdoor fire pit. Let’s go through them one by one. A fire pit is going to create a great warm and cozy spot in outdoors during nippy fall nights and chilly winter evenings. A patio that virtually renders useless during winter can become an instant getaway when there is a fire pit there. In winter, when you can’t leave home or don’t want to, an open-air…